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This service is provided on a best effort basis by the Library to allow members of the University to sell and buy used books. Please note that all transactions are the responsibility of the buyer and seller. The Library accepts no responsibility for the condition of the books, or any issues regarding payment. Please read our full terms and conditions.

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Date Submitted     Ad Type     Title     Author/Editor     Edition     Price
21 May 2017  For Sale  Art History Journal print copies   David Peters Corbett + various  larger format  Free
02 Jun 2017  Wanted  Assessment made incredibly east   Rushforth, Helen  Fifth  
01 Jun 2017  For Sale  Criminological perspectives   Eugene McLaughlin and John Muncie  3rd  28
20 May 2017  For Sale  Criminology   Newburn, Tim  1st  5
01 Jun 2017  For Sale  Criminology   Stephen Jones   20
19 May 2017  For Sale  Economics   Sloman, John  8  15
01 Jun 2017  For Sale  Forensic Criminology   Andy Williams   30
02 Jun 2017  For Sale  Introduction to Psychological Science   Fleischman, Diana  Custom  10
20 May 2017  For Sale  Introduction to the Criminal Justice System   Davies, Croall & Tyrer   3
21 May 2017  For Sale  New Left Review Journal print copies   Various (inc Perry Anderson, Francis Mulhern etc)  1&2  Free